Asbestos Removal Blackpool

We are a certified and fully insured asbesto sremoval company in Blackpool. If you are just before a big renovation or upgrade of your old property which was build before 1999 it is bette to take a closer look on your home. Asbestos materials migh be present in the building. In order to get your refurbisment done in a safe manner you need to make sure asbesto spresence in the property and if yes asbestos removal is necessary.

What is asbestos?

Asbestos is a commercial and common name of the 6 main naturally occured natural silicate mineral. This stone has microscopic fibres that makes the hard looking rock actually wooly and easily pull appart. Although the wooly light texture hides some serious qualities that makes this crystal very attractive to huge industries like military, shipping, construction. Why? Well.. Let’s find out.

Our Asbestos removal company is here to help th elocal households to get rid of asbestos from their properties.

asbestos mineral

How much does asbestos removal cost?

Asbestos removal Blackpool cost 20£/m2 in average. This price includes asbestos disposal also. Other price examples of asbesto sremoval:

  • Single garage roof removal 350£ + VAT
  • Single garage removal 850£ + VAT
  • Asbesto swater tank removal 200£ + VAT

These prices are guides of the asbestos removal works we have done in the past. Othjer companies have different price tags on these services as well as they might not include a complimentary asbestos disposal service.

Why would I choose Asbestos Removal Blackpool over others?

Our company serves locals in Blackpool as well as a large area in England. We have 20+ years experience on the field and we have a very reliable team with quick hands and safety precautions. We are holding a HSE standard licence for bigger and more dangerous asbestos removal projects where this license is a minimum requirement.

Other than that we have an inhouse surveyor who we can rely on so that the full asbestos removal project can be done halfthe time as with other asbestos contractor.

Can I do asbestos removal myself?

Asbestos removal is a very dangerous activity. We never advise anyone to do it by themselves due to possible lethal consequences.

Although there is nothing can stop you to do it so some people do it and then 15-25 years later they experiencing health issues and few years later they die.