Price of asbestos Removal Service

Asbestos removal service is not a cheap job. It is highly dangerous if someone doesn’t know how to handle asbestos in the first place. This is a kind of job that requires attention and asbestos awareness training.

Apart of that is good to have experience and some who supervise the process. But anyway it is a serious job that should be done by professionals. Always turn to licensed asbestos removal contractors who are able to deal with your asbestos removal project from asbestos survey to the disposal of asbestos waste too.

Asbestos removal proce is not a fix rate and it is almost impossible to predict the price. Every case is different and need a unique approach.

lopcation of asbestos materials in domestic properties
This illustration is showing the possible location of asbestos containing materials.

What does the asbestos removal price depend on?

There are several factors we need to consider when it comes to add a price tag asbestos removal services.

It depends of the size of the job, mainly if it is commercial or domestic size.

It depends on the type of asbestos. There are 3 main types and some of them are extremely hazardous.

It depends on the condition of asbestos materials. Damaged or not? And friability. The more friable the asbestos is the more precaution you need to be done and over a certain level licensed contractor needed.

Pricing guide for asbestos removal.

As we mentioned above it is almost no point to set fix cost for any asbestos removal although there are cases when we can calculate a rough price. Here are some examples:

  • Single garage removal – 850£ +VAT
  • Sigle garage roof removal – 350£ + VAT
  • Water tank removal 250£ + VAT

These are the single block and standard size elemnets that have a fix price when they are in a good shape. Yhey are made of asbestos cement, so they are less hazardous than the sprayed asbestos insulation foam and loose fill insulation. Thsoa ones are extremly friable and create a high level of asbestos exposure in the air.

asbestos roof removal in progress
asbestos roof removal

Why asbestos is dangerous?

Asbestos only dangerous when it goes inside your body. Usually it happens most of the time by inhalation.

When asbestos fibres landed in your lung tissue, is more likely to be trapped there and by long years come they scar the lining tissue causing irritation that lead to different type of lung diseases which some of them are cancerous.

asbestos fibres under microscope
Sharp asbestos fibres under microscope in the laboratory.